Ultra Cutting Cream, Aggressive Polishing Cream 0.946 l
DESCRIPTION Water-based compound, the cream removes P1500 grit and the finest sand scratches. Ultra Cutting Cream is effective for use on gel coats and painted surfaces. FEATURES Cream polish provides moderate shine and removes moderate oxidation. Contains no wax, filler...
3-Color Self-Setting Primer, 15 oz Aerosol - black
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3-Color Self-Setting Primer, 15 oz Aerosol - black
Self-Setting Primer in 3 Colors, 15 oz Aerosol, SEM Self-Incrusting Primer - DESCRIPTION Self-embedding primer gives excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance to steel, aluminum and stainless steel if properly prepared before application.At Goodshop Canada, since 2017 we have been offering a...
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Glamor SprayMax Gloss Varnish 2K Aerosol
DESCRIPTION The 2K clearcoat has very high resistance to chemicals, gasoline and weathering. For high-quality, long-term sealing for painting and repair work. FEATURES Maximum abrasion and scratch resistance Very smooth payout flow Long lasting high gloss Very good polishing ability...
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Finish 1 Medium Varnish Hardener 2.1 VOC, 946ml
DESCRIPTION This clearcoat performs well in air-dry or dry-strength environments and provides excellent gloss, DOI, leveling, blending and polishing properties. FEATURES Excellent for heavy duty use or air dry applications. High strength urethane clearcoat. 4:1 mixing ratio Excellent mixing and...
CLEAR #1 UV Resistant Clear Coat, 450ml
DESCRIPTION A performance polish that gives an excellent gloss finish in a convenient aerosol. FEATURES Brilliant finish and excellent depth Homogeneous repair Quick drying for increased productivity UV resistant for exceptional durability MANUAL Compatible with most water or solvent based...
1K Acrylic Clearcoat, Aerosol
Clear Acrylic Coating, 1K, Aerosol, SprayMaxDESCRIPTION transparent layer 1K for fast coating and long-term sealing of repair paint jobs and new paint jobs on cars and motorcycles. FEATURES Easy to use Dries quickly High gloss level No color deviation Good...
Gravel Guard Black Rubberized Underbody Panel Coating OEM Approved, 830ml
DESCRIPTION An easy-to-use, paintable builder coating (spray applied) that matches OEM textures. FEATURES Excellent protection against abrasion and chipping sound absorbing Corrosion resistant Ideal for applications where medium texture patterns are desired MANUAL Apply one or more coats, depending on...
Vous obtiendrez les meilleurs résultats grâce aux produits de pointe que nous vendons en matière de réparation et de rénovation automobile. Vous serez agréablement surpris du produit fini et vous voudrez utiliser ces produits à nouveau.
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