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TENA ProSkin Overnight™ Super Sleep Panties - Fully Breathable

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TENA ProSkin Overnight™ Super Sleep Panties - fully breathable


panties TENA ProSkin Overnight Fully Breathable SleepwearMC Super are incontinence briefs designed for the night, white, soft, comfortable and put on like regular underwear. Designed with increased absorbency in the back where the wearer needs it most while lying down, a dual absorbency core and leak-proof barriers, the fully breathable TENA ProSkin Overnight PantyMC Super provides all-night leak protection.

This innovative incontinence brief from TENA helps keep skin dry and protected for longer. This disposable night protection panty, which fits tightly to the body of both men and women, stays in place even when the person moves and turns in their sleep.

The fully breathable TENA ProSkin Overnight PantyMC Super, quickly and effectively draws and traps wetness away from the skin, even during heavier leaks, trapping it deep inside the super-absorbent core, providing leak-proof protection throughout the day. night. Made of breathable materials that promote healthy skin for people with moderate to heavy bedtime incontinence. Enjoy a better night's sleep with TENA ProSkin Overnight Fully Breathable Sleep PantiesMC Super.

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  • Protection while lying down
  • Triple protection for skin health
  • Fully breathable ConfioAir® technology


To put on the panties correctly, the blue seam must be on the back. Pull-on briefs with tear-away sides that make them practical and easy to use.


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